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  1. They give you two weeks after your acceptance call to pay your deposit. I also know a couple people who got accepted first round and are choosing to go to other programs so it’s really just a “wait and see” kinda thing.
  2. I really wanna say that UAB does all their interviews at once and that unfortunately they aren’t still picking new applicants to interview for this cycle. I’ve gotten rejections from a couple of schools who follow this same kind of routine. I’d email to double check though!
  3. Got rejected also and I’m applying from SC, if that makes a difference. I was accepted into my top choice earlier in the cycle but UT seems like a dope program for sure. Best of luck to everyone and congrats to those who got interviews!
  4. Got accepted back in October but just got accepted into my dream program so I’ll be giving up my seat. So one of y’all should be coming off the waitlist. Look out for an email! Good luck to everyone attending Sullivan! It really is a great program!
  5. GUYS they are calling!!! Just got my acceptance call! I am shakinggg, look out for a (205) area code number. Ahhhh Im so excited!
  6. Got an official rejection from MUSC a couple minutes ago. Figured that was coming after I didn't hear back after the 21st. Still managed to get into a program this cycle so I'm not too upset. Good luck to everyone else who interviewed!!
  7. I emailed them yesterday because the anxiety got the best of me lol...all they said is that first round acceptances will be sent out this week. So it HAS to be either tomorrow or Friday where we will start to hear back
  8. Im going to be retracting my interview invite due to acceptance into another program that fits me a little better than WSU. Hope this opens up a spot for someone else! Best of luck!!
  9. Hey! Awesome, yeah, Thursday overall went pretty well. I did a little bit of stumbling in my personal interview but I was able to pull myself back together. I feel like I may be overthinking a lot but we will see haha. I didn’t receive anything after! And yes they said they will start making calls 1st week of December. I have to pay my seat deposit for another program I got accepted to that same week so I’m hoping so can hear from UAB first. They are my top pick atm. Good luck!!
  10. Just want to wish good luck to my cohort interviewing tomorrow (and also everyone else interviewing on different days)! I'm a bit nervous, but feel prepared. We got this!
  11. Got an official rejection today as well. Good luck to everyone else still in the running!
  12. This is accurate! I got denied from 3 of my safety schools that I thought I was a literal PERFECT candidate for, yet got an interview with a super competitive school I thought I’d never in a million years get seriously considered for (my GRE is absolutely trash and GPA is okay in comparison to their accepted stats). These cycles are super unpredictable, just trust the process above all else!
  13. Just got an acceptance email!!! I didn't know they would go out this early! Check your emails, yall!
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