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  1. To be fair I did ask for feedback on this program. I ended up interviewing, getting accepted, and ultimately choosing another program that I hope will be a better fit for me when it starts this summer. As we head into CASPA season and interviews later this year, and as future PAs start to look at these school boards more, I think it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re invited to interview you have already demonstrated that you’re capable. (Yay you!) I think the point of the interview is not only to see if you are a good fit for the program but if the program is a good fit for
  2. Hey I know this wasn’t directed to me but I currently live in SLC and went to the U for undergrad. KSL has always been a great resource https://homes.ksl.com/. They also post listings around the state including St. George. If you’re wanting to live close to the slc campus sugarhouse, the avenues, foothill, and marmalade district are all really close neighborhoods. Though public transit is also free as a student if you want to be further out.
  3. I got my email at 2pm MST. There’s still an interview session tomorrow so if you haven’t heard yet more acceptances will be going out!
  4. I’m honestly still stunned! I’m happy to hear you got an offer letter as well! I was just telling my friend “what if this was a mistake and they didn’t mean to send me the email?” I have 6 months to get over the imposter syndrome!
  5. Thanks l! It was an email from Doris for the SLC campus. A formal offer letter will be physically mailed as well.
  6. Just received an early offer of admissions and I could not be more excited!! Good luck to those interviewing tomorrow!
  7. I was recently accepted to another program so will be giving up my spot at RMUoHP. Congrats to everyone that has been accepted to the program, good luck to those of you on the waitlist, and for anyone who hasn't received any good news this cycle keep pushing!!
  8. Curious if anyone has had experience with the MMI format in other interviews and if you have any best practice tips? I interview on the 20th and I’m getting nervous! I’ve taken the CASPER test for other programs so I imagine the format is similar, but if you have found any great resources or have any tips you want to share I would appreciate it!
  9. Hi congrats! Yes each of the interview leads will send you a separate zoom invite. If you haven’t received one by the day before email Doris. I had to email her on Sunday and she got back with me pretty quickly. Good luck!
  10. I was just coming here to ask a similar question! I interviewed on Monday and got the impression that they send out notices to everyone after all the interviews were completed. Doris mentioned the week of thanksgiving. But I was looking at last year’s thread and it looks like at least some people got acceptances a few days after they interviewed. Either way, it should be by the end of November.
  11. Hi - they didn’t say anything about how many offers have been extended. Have you interviewed yet? If you have I wouldn’t worry too much about it since they don’t send out all the acceptance invites until after the last interview. They also said that they typically get quite a few people from the waitlist in every year. Best of luck! This definitely has been a crazy stressful process!
  12. I interviewed yesterday! I know everyone says “just be yourself” and you kind of roll your eyes at that (at least I did) but it’s actually really good advice. I really got the impression in each interview that they wanted to get to know you both as a person but also as a future colleague. The best advice I got from a former student was know your whys. Why PA? Why UPAP? Good luck everyone! One way or another we should all know come thanksgiving!
  13. Also just got an acceptance call! I interviewed last Friday. Cecile mentioned that after a Monday/Friday batch of interviews they will send out some but not all acceptances from that group. But everyone will know their acceptance/waitlist/rejection status hopefully next week or the week after. Good luck everyone!!
  14. Just got my rejection email a few hours ago. Best of luck to those still waiting and a big congrats to those who got in!
  15. Good luck to you as well! It’s definitely starting to feel more real and I’m getting nervous.
  16. I also haven’t heard anything. When I received confirmation of my completed application the email said students may still be contacted as late as early December, however, from this thread it looks like their last interview date is the 21st of this month. I suppose no news is still good news but I’m not overly optimistic. Good luck!
  17. I have not received any info yet either but hopefully soon! I look forward to seeing everyone interviewing on the 9th!
  18. Thanks so much for the info! That's awesome to hear you got along well with your interviewer!
  19. Congrats on completing the interview, fingers crossed you get in! Curious to know what about their presentation made you fall in love? Was there anything that pleasantly surprised you about the program? Without giving away too much detail can you share the format of The interviews? (One-on-one/group/traditional interview etc). Thanks!
  20. I also haven’t heard anything back from them, though I guess no news is still good news? It’s interesting to me that they’ve already completed half of their interviews and have accepted some students while others are still waiting. This is my first cycle applying and none of the other programs have done that but who knows maybe it’s more common than I think. Best of luck to everyone still waiting or with upcoming interviews!
  21. Does anyone know what the interview dates are for this year? I looked at last year’s thread and it looked like they had 3 dates, one in early October and then two in November. I’m just curious if anyone knows if that’s still the case?
  22. Hi! I submitted and was verified end of July, received an email from the program the first week of October that my application had finished screening. I am from Utah. Are you still waiting to hear back? I’m surprised this thread hasn’t blown up yet so my guess is they’re sending invites out in waves. Especially if they’re also calling everyone. Best of luck!
  23. I submitted last Wednesday and just got my confirmation email!
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