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  1. I also haven’t heard anything back from them, though I guess no news is still good news? It’s interesting to me that they’ve already completed half of their interviews and have accepted some students while others are still waiting. This is my first cycle applying and none of the other programs have done that but who knows maybe it’s more common than I think. Best of luck to everyone still waiting or with upcoming interviews!
  2. Does anyone know what the interview dates are for this year? I looked at last year’s thread and it looked like they had 3 dates, one in early October and then two in November. I’m just curious if anyone knows if that’s still the case?
  3. Hi! I submitted and was verified end of July, received an email from the program the first week of October that my application had finished screening. I am from Utah. Are you still waiting to hear back? I’m surprised this thread hasn’t blown up yet so my guess is they’re sending invites out in waves. Especially if they’re also calling everyone. Best of luck!
  4. I submitted last Wednesday and just got my confirmation email!
  5. Also just received a phone call to invite me to interview and got the email about an hour later! I chose Friday November 6th! Good luck everyone!
  6. Congrats! Did you also receive a phone call or just an email?
  7. Also got an interview invite for the 9th! Such a huge sigh of relief to be past this hurdle, let’s hope we all make it through the interview!
  8. Not to keep blowing up this thread but is anyone still waiting? Or has anyone heard anything today? I wasn’t sure if they’d send out emails over the weekend.
  9. I’m in the same boat as you both. I’m taking a break (or at least trying to) from my email, it’s giving me too much anxiety! Good luck to those still waiting!
  10. As a pleasant surprise in all this waiting I got an invite to another program but I’m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for the U!! I’m curious if any of you have had virtual interviews with other programs and if there’s any tips you can give? The idea of zoom deciding my fate makes me really anxious.
  11. Just received an interview invite after being placed on hold 2 weeks ago. Good luck to everyone on their PA journeys!
  12. Still waiting! I looked at last years posts and I can’t tell whether or not people were informed over more than one day. I’m trying to take it easy, no news is still good news until proven otherwise.
  13. I’m still waiting. I’ve never been more angry at non PA school related emails coming through right now, and I’m basically useless at work . My last name starts with an A but my first with a T so not sure.
  14. Agreed! I can’t imagine how complicated the admissions process is. I’m hoping for the best and planning for the worst.
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