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  1. I got rejected to but your basketball reference made my whole day
  2. Hey!! Congrats Give me ur number so I can add u to the group!!
  3. I’m interviewing feb 5th @ 11:15am :))) If anyone wants to talk about it and/or prepare together here is my number 623-221-1625
  4. Does anyone know if the waitlist has moved at all?
  5. Anyone on the waitlist get offered a seat yet?
  6. Thank you for all of this info!! I interviewed on 10/7 and I’m waiting for a response. I heard other people from my interview day already heard back, but I’m still so excited!
  7. I interviewed on 10/7 and I haven’t heard back yet. Has anyone who interviewed this day heard back?
  8. Oh nice, I'm excited! I hope they get provisional
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