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  1. Hey there! I'm a freshman in college, just starting my Army ROTC career. I'm currently a nursing major/biology minor, but looking to go to PA school after college. I'd like to serve in the National Guard for the 8 year contract (with ROTC scholarship) and I'm wondering how everything will work out or if it's a good fit for me. Also wondering if I would be non deployable during PA school? PLEASE feel free to express your experiences with being in a graduate program while serving in the National Guard (is it manageable? take away from your academics?) and what being a PA (or nurse) in the national guard looks like during drill weekends! I also have many worries about potentially starting a family while in the national guard and what that looks like with deployments/commitments, etc (how frequently do PAs / medical professions get deployed? What do those deployments look like in regards to the job I'd be preforming? Do you get any preference / choice of when and where you are deployed?) Sorry for all the questions! I'm very new at the military stuff and just trying to get all my information so I can make the best decisions in my future! I appreciate all of you and thank you for your service!!
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