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  1. Hi everyone, I am in the process of applying to OHSU but I was wondering if anyone could help explain the activity/event participation portion of the supplemental application. Does this include informational events? if so do we just say yes/no or do we write an essay? I'm a little confused... *I will send an email on Monday but since its the weekend I thought I try asking everyone on the forum.*
  2. Hi everyone, Im a little confused as to how the priority deadline works. I submitted my application on May 31st and was verified on June 1st. Does this mean that I am still considered priority?
  3. Does anyone know if Yale Online views applicants holistically? I couldn't find anything on their website that mentions it, unless I missed it somewhere.
  4. I havent applied but I am looking to apply for the next cycle. does anyone know if they were able to get accepted with all of their pre requisites at a community college?
  5. I didn’t get any rejection letter. I’m just mentally preparing myself lol
  6. welp, 2021-2022 hear I come....... congrats to everyone that got interviews you guys deserved it!
  7. we still have a chance to get interviews if people decline their offers. We should hear an offical status by December 21st
  8. I’m still hopeful. They did say we would have an official status by On or before Monday
  9. Ive just attended their informational session and was told that all 120 invites have been sent out today and they are just waiting for people to accept the offers.
  10. You will definitely get in you seem very competitive. may I ask what your prereq GPA is?
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