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  1. I guess I just wasn’t sure when a patient is being admitted, could it be argued that the admitting provider was obligated to review previous imaging, even when the chief complaint may not be related. I would hope that if the study is not pertinent to the admitting diagnosis, that it would not create a problem if the provider did not review.
  2. My question is not necessarily specific to PAs, as it could apply to all providers, but was wondering how liable one is for old findings in hospital records. As an example: An elderly patient was admitted for a non-pulmonary issue. She had nearly more than 20 imaging results over the years. A CT chest from 3 yrs ago reported a suspicious pulmonary nodule that PCP was following but patient was lost to follow up. Fortunately it was caught in the inpatient setting. However, I could not help wondering, what if it had not been caught. If a patient is admitted to the hospital, obviously provide
  3. Sorry if this has already been answered here. I practice in Texas for a private group. The practice owner hired me as an APP and registered with Texas medical board as my supervising physician. Over time he hired additional physicians to the group. They act as my supervising physician from time to time but I do not believe they are registered with Texas medical board as my supervising physicians. Do the newly hired physicians need to register as my supervisors? Would anyone know the rules regarding this or be able to refer me to them. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the insight all. I am privileged to do the procedure, will have to look into whether there is a distinction between outpatient and inpatient. Thought about inquiring with hospital but as you all mentioned, afraid of opening "pandora's box/can of worms."
  5. I am a PA in Texas working for a pulmonary/critical care group. I am proficient in thoracentesis, have done it many times on inpatients at bedside. My supervising MD has asked to perform this procedure on clinic patients on outpatient basis. Just to be clear: patient is seen in clinic by MD, scheduled for outpatient thoracentesis with me, patient comes to hospital and has procedure performed by me, then goes home. I am comfortable doing the procedure, but am not sure if this is allowed. In my hospital, patients are not admitted under PAs. So the patient would have to be admitted under the
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