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  1. Curious if it's the topics are in the same formatting as the 2nd edition?
  2. The program name can definitely open some doors for the first job (and the market is tough for new grads in some markets), but after that it won't matter. I went to a "name" school and don't think it was worth the extra money as long as you will have guaranteed access to quality rotations. I have several friends in smaller or "lesser known" PA programs who had issues with the rotations available to them; obviously a lot of that is personal preference, but it's something to look into.
  3. Thank you for this, much appreciated!
  4. This morning I was delighted to learn I passed the PANCE!!!! AAaaaaaaahhhh! (Many, many thanks to the CME4Life board review and flashcards -- they were a game-changer!) I wanted to post because, until I received the email this morning, I was under the impression they only released scores on Mondays and Thursdays (and was dreading having to wait another four days to know my fate!). Just wanted to give hope to anyone waiting -- apparently they release them whenever! Good luck to everyone!!!!
  5. I see multiple posts referencing the "trial" or "experimental" questions included in the PANCE, in reference to the really weird questions. I don't see any reference to them on the NCCPA site (I could definitely be missing that, of course!). Are they for sure included? Or is that just assumed? TIA
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