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  1. Yes of course! I’m still in undergrad so my stats might be different but GPA: 3.81 sGPA: 3.70 PCE: a little over 600 hours so far. I volunteer in hospice once a week (20-30 hours so far), shadowing: 70 hours in 3 different specialties. I’ve also been on an exec board for a medical club at my school as well as done a semester of research! However, if I’ve learned anything from this process it’s that everyone has their own unique story so don’t get discouraged because everyone is different! no news can be good news You got this!!
  2. If anyone is wondering about a late applicant timeline, I applied really late: Applied Nov. 11, They received all additional info (rec letters & supplemental fee) on Nov. 13th, Interview offer on Nov. 27....I had to reschedule to Jan 8th, so they are at least interviewing until then for anyone wondering!! Good Luck to everyone!
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