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  1. Thanks, yeah! I did! So now we just have to wait, and study medical terminology because we are going to hit the ground running.
  2. Hi Sophass and congrats on your acceptance. I spoke with Lori last week and she told me orientation was on May 27 and 28. Did you already send your confirmation letter, passport photo and deposit?
  3. Hi all, I also interviewed on 11/22, and I got my acceptance today. It is real! Congrats to everyone who's been accepted. Don't worry if you haven't, the cycle is not over yet.
  4. I really enjoyed interview day, except for the PA-CAT, it was about 3 hours long. Otherwise, the day went smooth, the first and second year PA students were very helpful and nice, we got a chance to talk to them a lot. I was nervous when it was my group's turn to interview with the faculty and director, but looking back there was nothing to be nervous about. They were great!
  5. I interviewed Nov 22, I completed CASPA and secondary on Oct 29. was told I will receive a response by middle of Dec.
  6. Congrats Michael! Best of luck as you prepare to start PA school.
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