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  1. Thank you! I interviewed on 2/27. I think that was the last day of interviews.
  2. Just got the acceptance call right now. So so happy and excited. Good luck everyone!!
  3. I sent an email out today asking about any possible updates they could have (even with all this COVID-19 stuff going on). Will update if I get an email back. Also, I am starting to get really antsy so I looked at 2018-2019 application cycle to see how their process was towards the end. People were responding that even in JUNE the seats were still not all filled. (Someone got off the waitlist in August.......... I'm so confused because that's all sorts of reapplying in the new cycle- perhaps this person wrote in the wrong one and meant to write in the 2020 cycle? Both are possible though, if someone bailed from the program last minute). Although the waiting game is draining, I guess there's still lots of hope for those of us who have not received a response yet!
  4. Has anyone heard anything yet? With everything going on right now I imagine they're short-staffed or possibly even closed, but curious to know if anyone has gotten a response of any kind.
  5. I agree, especially since none of us were locals.
  6. So I got an email today- I was waitlisted. I was hoping for better news, but I guess there's still a chance! Good luck to you all.
  7. I appreciate the update. Thank you!
  8. I didn't want to ask, however I did send an email yesterday asking if there are any updates. I was just told that "they expect decisions to be made within the next few weeks". Fingers crossed!
  9. Ahh Martha said hopefully they would let everyone know before March hit. Starting to feel a little less confident now that it's March 2nd, yikes!
  10. Just got an interview for 2/13! Must have a few spots left I guess? Does anyone know how many spots are filled, or approximately how many could be left? Anyways, I'm flying in on the 12th in the afternoon. Who else will be there for 2/13 interview? Excited to meet you all!
  11. Have others received interviews for 1/29 or any later date? Trying to see if they are still handing out interviews. Fingers crossed.
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