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  1. I ended up giving my seat up since I was accepted elsewhere, so hopefully one of you guys gets a shot! Best of luck
  2. I ended up giving up my seat for this program after a lot of consideration, so hopefully my seat goes out to one of you guys! Best of luck
  3. Waitlisted for the Miami campus; congrats to everybody who received an acceptance
  4. Just got a call today around 11:30AM and was pulled from the waitlist!!
  5. Same here, got an interview invite for November 18th, my app was verified in mid-July!
  6. Got an email around 5 today saying I was waitlisted
  7. Maybe they're done calling; they did say they'd get back to us at the end of October. Kinda bummed, I got an acceptance somewhere else but this was my top choice!
  8. Congrats! Do you remember around what time you got your call?
  9. AHHHH I GOT ACCEPTED!! I received a call on Friday but waited until today to get email confirmation
  10. Just got an interview invite for 11/05! Congrats to everyone else who also will be interviewing!
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