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  1. Thank you! I thought I read from last year that accepting before the email could prevent the email from going out? Or was that just for interview invites?
  2. Has anyone gotten an email yet? I don't want to put a deposit down before getting the email lol
  3. omg I'm crying, I got an offer too!!! I'm so happy!! Can't wait to meet you all!!
  4. Does anyone know if it's "blind" interviews? Where the people interviewing you don't know your application? Or should we expect questions regarding our grades/classes? Also, any advice beating nerves? I just want to leave my interview knowing I gave it my best!
  5. I signed up for the 15th, excited to meet everyone virtually!
  6. OMG I THINK I GOT IT TOO!! There's interview sign up dates in my PURL. I'm so happy but I'm waiting for the email to confirm, I'm so nervous!
  7. Anyone else going crazy? I need to chill and just wait for an email at this point
  8. omg me too! I live in Fairfax! I think a good number of NOVA people apply.
  9. I think you put it under the document upload tab. Can anyone else confirm this? The handbook says the following for updating new experiences on PURL: For positions acquired after submitting the CASPA application, applicants should upload the following information to their Personalized URL (PURL): Position Title Position Duties Average hours/week Start & End Date (leave end date blank if still current) Received Salary or Payment? (Yes or No) Received Academic Credit? (Yes or No) Location outside the US? (Yes or No) Employer Name Supervisor Name & contact info: Include email & phone #
  10. I did submit an official transcript with those new courses to CASPA too, but I don't think it changes anything? Like you said CASPA only verifies once when you first submit. I think I should be okay, but I wanted to see if anyone had a similar experience
  11. I'm a little worried about my last 40 credit GPA calculation. I completed 14 additional credits that weren't verified by CASPA since they were in progress at the time. I read the admission guidelines and made sure to update them as complete with final grades on my CASPA application before March and submitted an updated transcript to my PURL so they can verify it. But my PURL says "incomplete application" even though I got a confirmation email saying I met all the requirements. I don't even have the checklist on my PURL. What I'm worried about is they won't see my uploaded transcript and won't calculate those newest grades. Any insight or advice would be amazing!
  12. @vtmb2, I don't believe there's a supplemental application. I read on last year's thread they removed it. I don't see any information for it in the admission handbook either. Can anyone else confirm this? Also, last day to submit apps are today! Good luck everyone
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