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  1. I have just received an acceptance call and I will be declining my spot. Good luck to those who are still waiting!
  2. I submitted on 12/04 and haven't heard back. I called the admissions office yesterday and they said not to worry, and that they are working on them. They also said it should be in the next few weeks that I hear back.
  3. I am also out of state and received an interview invite. However, I have already accepted a position at a different school so I will be declining it. Hope this opens up another spot for someone else!
  4. I submitted mine on 12/04 and still have not received an update as well.
  5. Has anyone received their letter by mail yet, to sign and return?
  6. I have been accepted! I am so excited and could not contain my composure at work! Can't wait to meet all of you!! Those of you who are waiting to hear back, stay positive!
  7. Just heard back...I’ve been waitlisted. Still keeping my hopes up!
  8. Interview on Nov. 20th!!!! Ahhh I am soooo excited! Good luck everyone!
  9. I was also wondering how we access the info session at 8am...I did get my Microsoft Team links for the 1:1 interviews tomorrow. Good luck everyone!!!
  10. I am interviewing tomorrow and still have not received any information about how to access the interview. I think I will be contacting them today about it.
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