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  1. I got recommended by the admissions committee as a top candidate for admissions. So exciting!! Hopefully they get accreditation!!!
  2. He said this: "If your file was sent off to the admissions committee, this means they have requested your file specifically so you would have been in their top 75." Meaning that because we received emails a while back that our files were under review, we are in the top 75 that they have requested. So we should know something within the next two weeks hopefully. Hope this clears everything up!
  3. @Mocarr78 Right! I watched that video last week when they posted it. I thought they meant that they only sent the top 75 people's applications to the review committee, so I thought if we got the email about our application being under review then we were in the top 75. However, I could be wrong. There is a lack of communication on Faulkner's end for sure, but I understand since this is their first admissions cycle, and it is going on during a pandemic. I will email Josh for further clarification!
  4. I am not sure what this email mentioned above is all about, but, from what I understand, we are in the top 75, otherwise our applications would not have been sent off to the review committee. Unless, of course, they changed their minds, which is highly unlikely in my opinion.
  5. I got an email a few weeks back saying that my application was sent off to the review committee. I spoke with Josh this past week, and sounds like they will let us know our admission status within the next 2 weeks. However, I did not receive that email talking about the “top 75,” so I am a little confused. Is anyone else in the same boat?
  6. I’m also on the alternate list. Anyone know about how many people get put on the alternate list?
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