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  1. Hi thank you for replying! So not sure if this makes a difference, but they told me I would not be actually doing the cath lab procedures, but managing the patients around the procedures, also I would be working with the stress-tests, we talked about some small procedures to start like loop recorder implantations, but I'm guessing a large part of this job would be medical management
  2. So I have to return the $2,500 sign on bonus and $6,000 loan repayment and I'm guessing they won't let me take what they've matched of my 401K So there is no specific CME time off, but i get $2,000 annually Good question about the tuition reimbursement... I'm going to look into that! So the supervising physician that I'll be working with seemed like he was ready to invest the time to train me and was understanding that I'm going to have a steep learning curve, that being said, this is a new cath lab opening up and I'll be the only PA staffing it (small community hospital), so there aren't any other PAs to learn on per se. I am finding it hard to grasp on whether or not this will be a good environment for someone like me or not, still very unsure if I should accept this job for those reasons.
  3. Hi All! So I countered, here is what they accepted: Starting salary at $115,000 with increases after 1 year to $120K and 2 years to $125K The contract is now for 2 years They changed the non-compete to 5 miles for 1 year after termination They upped the PTO to 3 weeks and 4 weeks after 1 year of experience They clarified that the job is M-F and every 4th weekend (which will be M-S and average 50 hours, then 1 day off the following week) This job is in Eastern Pennsylvania Is this better??? Thank you all for your feedback!
  4. Hi all! I'm a new grad and very unfamiliar with contracts and what a normal PA contract should entail. I thought I could post information about my contract to gather some opinions! This is for an inpatient Cardiology PA position. They are opening a Cath Lab at two hospitals and need a PA to staff both. So I would be traveling between the 2 hospitals M-F and every 4th weekend. (Employee shall be available for shifts Monday through Friday and every fourth (4th) weekend (averaging 50 hours per weekend. ) - the exact working of the ours, which confuses me This is in Pennsylvania. 3 year contract Pay $110,000 annual, increase after 1 year to $115,000, increase after 2 years to $120,000 $2,500 sign on bonus $6,000 tuition repayment annually 2 weeks PTO over 12-month period Liability included (but states if it is a claims made liability, I will have to pay tail after leaving) Noncompete Clause 5 miles from both hospitals for 2 years after leaving Benefits - Medical, Dental, vision, STD, LTD, life insurance 401K and profit sharing Please let me know what you think!
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