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  1. Hi! I was just accepted to Pocatello and am so excited! I remember them briefly talking about this during interviews but can’t remember, does anyone know if we can set up our own rotations and what that looks like?
  2. Congrats!! That's amazing and especially after hearing how excited you were about the program after your interview. Still crossing my fingers and hoping to hear some good news.
  3. Just seeing your comment and was wondering if there was a GroupMe or Facebook page started? Can't wait to meet everyone!
  4. I got an interview invite as well for Kona on December 5th
  5. Awesome! Looks like we are interviewing together. Good Luck!
  6. I just signed up to interview Friday October 30th! Anyone else interviewing that day as well?
  7. For those who were accepted, were you able to validate and create your TouroOne account?
  8. Hey guys, sorry. I got the call from Dr Tobin Thursday 9/24 and was so excited that I posted right away on here. I quickly deleted the post as I wanted to wait until I got the official email, which came today. I am thrilled to join the class of 2023 at TUN. Fingers crossed for the rest of you!!
  9. Ya it was great to meet everyone and I am hoping the best for you all!
  10. Just curious, is anyone else interviewing tomorrow morning?
  11. Just curious has anyone heard from ISU about scheduling your interview?
  12. I got an invite today as well! I had a file score of 5.02 so I am feeling pretty excited! Cant wait to get the interview officially scheduled.
  13. I spoke with Lori in admissions and she said "Also, your application is being reviewed now, and we will let you know if you are receiving an interview probably sometime in September for October interviews. If you don't receive an interview in October, you could still get an interview in November or January. "
  14. I havent heard anything yet either and kinda getting nervous. I just keep refreshing my email
  15. I haven't received anything back yet, aside from a confirmation that everything was received and verified. I expected to hear something by now as I spoke to Marsha she said they typically begin interviews in June.
  16. Yes I am very curious what your stats are, also are you a first time applicant or reapplicant? I submitted 5/13 and confirmed my application is complete and verified but have yet to hear anything else.
  17. Kona is my first choice! I live in Utah, but my husband is Hawaiian and his whole family is on the Big Island
  18. Just got my file score of 5.02 fingers crossed this is high enough to be reviewed! They always have such a high average GRE so really hoping I can make it to the next round
  19. Interviewing on 9/14 as well! Any re applicants have any tips for interviewing at ATSU?
  20. Does anyone have a good contact email for someone in admissions? I am trying to confirm a few things on my application?
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