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  1. Accepted from the 12/15 interview! Is there a Facebook group for accepted students?! I would love to connect!
  2. Congrats to everyone that got accepted! I have my interview on the 15th. I was wondering if anyone sent a thank you email after their interview?
  3. Hey all! I know it is TOTALLY individually based but has anyone gotten into PA school with around 500 PCE? Was your GPA stellar to account for it?
  4. Hey all! I was wondering how everyone is submitted their documentation of PCE hours and volunteer hours to TJU East Falls through CASPA? I have't kept any of my pay stubs and the organization I volunteer for is really small and doesn't document anyone's hours. Thanks for the help!
  5. What did the rest of your application look like?! thats amazing! i have similar stats and was beginning to lose hope since it is so competitive
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