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  1. I got the acceptance this morning. I can’t believe it still.
  2. Friday late afternoon for an interview on Tuesday. Details sent on feb 15
  3. Was your interview in person or virtual? And what about the essay. Like what were the prompts given to you to complete that essay.
  4. But in general, do they send out rejections first all together?, even though this is a different cycle I would love to get that answer. thanks for updating us on this @osakanohime
  5. Stay positive. I'm on the same boat, and I know that is hard but until then it can go either way. Best of luck you guys.
  6. I believe they will send emails on Friday. If anyone here have friends in the program already, could ask them to see if they Usually send rejections before the final acceptances and waitlisted applicants?
  7. If you don’t mind sharing. Who interviewed you? Pm me if you don’t want to post it publicly.
  8. They have to make decision as the medical clearance form is extensive. And they need to give accepted students the time to get all of the paper work together. Trying to stay focused, so nervous as well guys. Let’s keep positive and best of luck to all applicants.
  9. You interviewed in person on the 6th? Do you think they sent all rejections on the same day?
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