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  1. I just got the call today! I am accepted off the waitlist. I am so excited to join the class of 2022!
  2. Yes a FB group is a great idea!! I would love to meet the class
  3. I got waitlisted as well. Not going to lie.. pretty disappointed. I felt really good about the interview. I know they said they have anywhere between 25 to 30 on the waitlist and cannot tell us rank. So.. here is more waiting.
  4. So I called OU and spoke to Deb from admissions. She was pretty vague when answering my questions but stated that they are still sending out decisions today and should occur via email. So to continue to check your email and the portal in order to view our admission status. So I'm not sure if they stopped doing calls all together and are doing the portal for both acceptance, wait list. And denial but hopefully we should know in some way or another.
  5. Was it under admission decision? Mine still says pending
  6. So at this point I am trying to decide if I still have not heard back because they are still making calls or.. if it's because I did not get accepted this round Congratulations to those who have been called and accepted! Anyone happen to get any additional updates or calls? I've been on edge all day lol.
  7. I agree. I interviewed last Monday, and it was also mentioned that sometimes they are delayed. So I an hopeful we should hear tomorrow. They were confident and very matter of fact that by Wednesday the latest, everyone would know either way. So I'm trying to be patient but my goodness it is so hard.
  8. Still nothing here. I interviewed with Dr. Brand and Ms. Jennifer Boyett
  9. From my understanding they will email if you are rejected or waitlisted and call if you are accepted. They told me when I interviewed on Monday that their goal is to call today. However, they can get busy and so calls may go out tomorrow. But, by wednesday everyone should know whether they are accepted, waitlisted, or rejected. Additionally, the staff member you interviewed with will be the one calling you if you are accepted.
  10. I just got the email. I was waitlisted, which is better than a denial but still slightly disappointed.
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