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  1. I just called. They told me they will be sending letters out within the next few weeks. If we have not received an email about being on the alternative list, it is best to prepare for the next cycle. Hope everyone is doing okay, I know this is rough for all of us that didn't receive an acceptance. We will get there eventually!
  2. Thanks for replying. They were scheduled for an accreditation meeting this month, correct?
  3. Does anyone have an update about accreditation?
  4. I'm just nervous, lol. Seems like this is the usual trend for them
  5. Has anyone heard anything else? Will we know something by the end of the month?
  6. I received an acceptance also. Wishing everyone a successful cycle!
  7. I don't believe they want us to be disclosing the information about the interview, but the staff was friendly and answered any questions/concerns. They do a pretty good job of making you feel comfortable throughout the day. Wishing you the best on your interview. You got this!
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