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  1. 1. I wanted to know when I'm filling out the Caspa application I listed all the school that I would like to attend. I haven't tried yet , but when I go to submit will I have a choice to which school I want to send it because I don't want to submit all together.. I would like to hold off applying to some others on my list because they need a prereq. that I will be doing this summer. 2. Second questions. Some schools are rolling basis so I have to submit soon and send the transcript . the other school will need the prereq req that I will be doing this summer with the grade reflecting on the transcript. I don't know how to apply early for the rolling basis and wait till last min to submit for the school that need the prereq will i be able to do in last min and just update the transcript reflecting the grade. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
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    I'm trying to get my transcript sent to caspa. My school is working remotely. When I go to the site it doesn't list caspa and asks for an email. On caspa website it tells us we can not do it that way. I don't know how else to get my transcript without delaying it. Any ideas. I also want to send GRE scores, do I only send one to caspa (if so does anyone know the code) and then they send to schools or must I give GRE all school codes.
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    outstanding class

    I want to apply for the 2020-2021 cycle, but have an outstanding Bio Lab class that I'm taking this summer. Would I still be able to apply or do I have to wait for the next cycle. Thanks
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