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  1. EMM2020

    Any EMS PAs?

    Are there any recordings of that round table discussion?
  2. EMM2020

    Any EMS PAs?

    That totally makes sense. I certainly don’t want to work only as a paramedic. There are systems in places like Austin Tx where they are implementing APCs really well. check this out
  3. EMM2020

    Any EMS PAs?

    I am a PA-S who is very interested in working Pre-hospital with an EMS organization in GA. I have spoken with the state EMS agency and they showed me a law that allows Paramedics to practice at an increased scope when they have a higher licensure. Does anyone use this law to provide care to the underserved in GA?
  4. This first topic is what I would be most interested in. GA has a law that allows Paramedics to work at an increased scope with they have a higher licensure.
  5. @Acebecker I am very interested in working prehospital when I graduate. What were the results of your project? There is a PA-C in Texas with an awesome job working EMS.
  6. I am applying to many additional programs as a backup.
  7. I don’t see why We can’t start one ourselves.
  8. Lol eeek is an interesting choice of sound! You are excited right?
  9. I would not be surprised. Most programs are online right now.
  10. That would be great! Does anyone know how often new schools like this start on time? Or put another way, what are the chances we meet in October?
  11. https://www.facebook.com/Faulkner-University-Physician-Assistant-Program-111539110211867/
  12. I spoke to the Program Director, Dr. Jordan, and they plan on having an October 2020 cohort. They will know in June-July if the accreditation provisional was granted or not. If it is granted, the class will start in October. I was offered a seat, so I am praying that they get it!
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