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  1. Just looking for some advice on what my wife and I should do for housing during the clinical year at Northern Arizona University. My wife and I will both be entering the PA program and are trying to plan/sort out what we should do for housing. The clinical team told us to expect to not be in the same places for clinicals (which makes sense), but we were hoping to rent a house in the phoenix area because we have dogs and we don't want to leave them cramped up inside all day, but we also don't know if either of us will be in that area for clinicals. If anyone is familiar with the clinical year a
  2. Current students will still finish their education and will be eligible to take the Pance and if we pass, to practice anywhere PA's are recognized.
  3. They just said that if Heritage wants to become an accredited program again they will have to apply for provisional. My guess is that if another PA program is to start in Yakima it will be through Pacific Northwest University of Health Professions.
  4. Congrats to those who receive acceptance calls. For those that dont, make sure to keep your head up! For those that are accepted I have a tidbit of advice from experience. With the uncertainty of the accreditation, don't turn down any other interview offers. A friend if mine did that last year when he was accepted to a school awaiting accreditation, and the school surprisingly didn't get accredited, and he lost all other opportunities of going to PA school that cycle. As a current student, I do think heritage will get get continuing accreditation back, but I would suggest you still go to
  5. I honestly don't know much about why the school is on probation. I know you should be able to look the specific information up on the arc-pa website, but from what I've been able to gather while being here is that The school was not recording or reporting some required statistics and metrics, so they had to hire a group of people to do that. There was some other stuff I saw when I read the arc-pa website but it was all resolved. We did have a site visit earlier this year and we are supposed to find out the accreditation status sometime this month.
  6. I just finished my first semester here, and it's been crazy with Covid. They will be sure to respond, but it's been way delayed even for us in the program because things are changing so often due to the pandemic. If anyone else has questions, feel free to pm or email, I'll do my best to answer best of luck to everyone. cgunn1800@gmail.com
  7. Just wondering if anyone has connections to PA, MD, or DO's in the state of Hawaii that might be interested/willing to take on PA students for clinicals, especially in primary care. My wife and I are both in PA school and applied and interviewed with the MEDEX program set to start in Kona. We didn't get into that program, but did get into another and we would still love the opportunity to help with the healthcare shortage in the state. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  8. Depending on when and where, my wife and I might like to join
  9. My wife and I are both from Utah, but have family that lives on Maui. We were both invited to interview on the 18th of January as well and look forward to meeting you guys! Has anyone had any experience with University of Washington or ever interviewed with another MEDEX program?
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