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  1. Did anyone from the first interview hear back yet?
  2. Yep, according to their website it looks like they're doing interviews this round.
  3. Hey, congrats! If you don't mind, when did you apply?
  4. Oh I forgot about the holiday weekend for a moment - my bad! Funny because all day at work I told every patient to enjoy the holiday on their way out haha. And yeah, it's definitely annoying to keep waiting, but we just have to keep up hope that we'll be accepted somewhere. It only takes one acceptance to become a PA!
  5. I actually had something similar happen at a completely different program, and its awful that the schools never really admit they're the ones who made a mistake. I just asked about this because I haven't heard back yet either for the Sept. 3rd announcements so I guess if I don't hear by Monday I'll email them. I'm sorry you're having such trouble though! Hopefully it'll all work out.
  6. Oh wow. How did you find out that they lost it?
  7. Did anyone hear anything yet? Getting anxious now
  8. Sure, and let me message you bc I have a question for you too!
  9. Good luck to everyone who interviewed today! You all seemed so nice! I hope we all hear back soon and are accepted!
  10. That gives me hope, too! Thanks and congrats!!!
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