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  1. Hi everyone! I just gave up my interview for 1/29. I hope one of you gets a call/email for an interview soon! Best of luck!
  2. Did anyone else get an email asking about experiences discrepancies? I know I didn’t exaggerate/lie. Hmmmm, btw, email said interviews & updates would be given on December 18th.
  3. Is this background check something that is discussed at the interview, or is it to be done prior?
  4. Hi everyone. I will be interviewing on Nov. 6th. Super nervous! Any tips from those that have been accepted? Congratulations btw!
  5. I’m going to make it to the meeting after all Thank you so much for offering a separate call.
  6. To those who interviewed already, could you share a little insight of how the interview went. Pretty please
  7. Hi everyone! I'm from Texas, & I will also be interviewing on 11/7. For those who have interviewed with MEDEX before, what is the format?
  8. Hi everyone! I am currently working on my supplemental essays. I was wondering what format you all used? As in, one question per page, and did you type the question out too? Also, did y'all send them in a large envelope, or folded them into a small envelope? I'm not sure what the proper way of mailing these is. Any tips help! Thank you, and best of luck to everyone.
  9. Thank you. When you went in to match your prereqs for a&p, did you match both A&P 1 & 2 for each prerequisite (both for anatomy, and both for physiology)?
  10. Pre-req question here. Does anyone know if a combined a&p course will count for physiology, or does it have to be physiology on its own? I have both, but I made an A in the combined course, versus a B. Thanks in advance. Best of luck to all!
  11. Hi there! Does anyone know if WesternU is still grouping applicants by their gpa tier system?
  12. Hi everyone. Do you guys think it's a little too late to apply now? Since NGU does rolling admissions. I happen to stumble upon this school today, and am interested.
  13. Hello! I am a Pre-PA applying for the second time this cycle. I took 3 science classes this spring to boost my gpa, which is what held me back last year. I'm worried it won't be enough, so I'm considering taking an online pathology course. I found that the University of Minnesota offers it. Has anyone taken this course from this institution? Did you take it else where? Is there another science online course you took in the summer? Thank you in advance, Karina
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