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  1. Applied 05/27/2020, interviewed 02/01/2021, and was waitlisted 03/09/2021.
  2. Was accepted off the waitlist a few days ago but denied as I already had plans to attend another school! Good luck to those still waiting!
  3. I interviewed in November and was offered a spot on Wednesday
  4. For those of you recently waitlisted, did you receive an email back after you accepted your spot on the waitlist?
  5. Is this maybe our application number on mystar? Or is it only for current UTMB employees? Congrats everyone!
  6. 3 business days I believe is what Mrs. McGraw said
  7. Does anyone know what the schedule for the day is?? I need to take off work, and I’m not sure if it’ll be the whole day or only a few hours!! I know they said they would send a schedule out closer to the time so I don’t want to bug the program.
  8. I don’t even see MHB on the Casper distribution list? I took the Casper but did not send my scores to MHB, and I am also wondering where it was stated that it was needed for an application.
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