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  1. I decided to attend Pace! we had 7 days to choose to put down our deposit or not.
  2. Does anyone know if Pace-LH will be virtual still in the summer time or is there the potential to be back in-person?
  3. Hii everyone! I was recently just accepted to Pace after being placed on the waitlist back in the fall!
  4. Congratulations!!! May I ask when did you interview/get placed on waitlist?
  5. Does anyone remember when waitlist rankings go out? Is it the end of Feb?
  6. We haven’t heard anything yet. I am really hoping we are able to have in person class!
  7. Congratulations to those who have received acceptances recently Cannot wait to meet you all!
  8. I have a feeling it is and they are just adding to/pulling from the waitlist Crossing my fingers for both of us!!!! I love this program
  9. Does anyone happen to have an idea of how many people they put onto the waitlist??
  10. Just received my rejection email. Not to mad considering I made 3 waitlists and have 1 acceptance already to an amazing program! Good luck everyone!
  11. Nope! Hoping someone hears something soon
  12. Congrats on the interview. That within itself is a huge accomplishment. Learn from your previous experiences and reflect on what you feel you could improve upon. This interview experience was by FAR my favorite. I felt that they truly wanted to get to know me as a person beyond my application and genuinely cared about what I said. With that information, just be yourself and let your passion for their program shine through! I would say reflect on your previous life and patient care experiences and go to the interview prepared to share some of those experience stories as a way to stand out a
  13. Great! Thank you. Thats what I thought I submitted everything! Cannot wait for the CBC to be finalized and permanently be accepted!
  14. For anyone accepted, I received the certiphi initiation email about an hour ago! I just wanted to clarify - is our student ID number the ID number we use as our login for the student portal?
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