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  1. Thank you for that! I also have quite a competitive application. I happen to agree with you there may not be many spots left. They might be looking to fill a couple of spots left and add to their waitlist. Good luck wherever else you apply to.
  2. Just got my rejection from 10/26. Pretty surprised since I felt the interview went great and was told so many times while being interviewed. Good luck everyone else!
  3. I am! Can anyone give me advice for this interview? What’s the style and dress requirements?
  4. I messaged them and got quite a rude email back saying to “check the supplemental application portal.” I’m still crossing my fingers that I hear something back because last year I applied and they “never got my application.”
  5. I just got my interview scheduled for the end of October! Any details/ tips for this interview process?
  6. Hello everyone! I submitted my application around the middle of June. Excited to hear back from them.
  7. I'll be there with you! Do you know what style interview this is?
  8. I have an interview for 11/18 as well! Any tips for the interview?
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