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  1. Mainly opportunities brought me to this point. I was doing biomed as under grad and wasn't sure what to do. I know someone who's a PA, recommended that, got into PA school. During PA school I wanted to quit (I felt that I was too stupid) but everyone just said to push through. First job, was close to my parents, but hated it (felt that I was subpar for the job) pushed through. PA friend had job offer in psych thought changing fields would help (thought I did well with my psych rotation, questionable). Nope. Thought maybe the field was ok but the place was the problem so went to a different place. Nope. Everyone just tells me to push through. Which isn't terrible advice as I am able to support myself and the job hasn't said anything to me about performance.
  2. I can't really free up days as I'm M-F 9-5. But I have the evenings and weekends to do something. Honestly if I didn't have student loans, I'd quit and work retail. How hard is it to go back to school?
  3. I appreciate everyone's advice. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I've come to loathe everything about medicine. The longer I work in medicine the more I hate it. I'm probably going to die of an easily preventable disease because I don't want to see any medical professional. I know this view is not healthy, which is why I've been working on it. I've been looking at other jobs but this job is easy, in a sense. If I just shut up and do what I'm told I can get through it. I get paid well for doing what the docs don't want to do. I don't know what I want to do... I'll probably just suck it up and continue doing what I'm doing
  4. For PMHNP- I'm already in psych. I've been a PA for about 4 years. I just need to get out of medicine.
  5. I need to get out of my job. I can't be a PA any more, I just *bleeping* can't be a PA anymore but I also have no idea what to do. I still have a crap ton of loan to pay off which makes it tough to leave the current job. Honestly any advice is appreciated.
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