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  1. Sounds good, A lot of people are wanting to do it down in Lincoln, so we will plan for that. Also, We started a group on GroupMe for the class. Here is the link for that
  2. I am totally okay with making it work with people down in Lincoln. I talked to the instructor and he is available March 7th at 8 AM. He also said not to worry about renewals vs initial. He will make a hybrid class to meet everyone's needs. What do you guys think?
  3. We could do Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 9:00 AM. But they only have 4 spots open. If there are more people interested in taking the class all together I can call this company and schedule our own time. http://www.vitalinstruction.com/bls-pricing-signup.php and set up a time. 1-12 people will cost us -55 dollars each 13+ we have to call for a quote 1-12 Attendees13+ Attendees
  4. We can book with these guys here in Omaha. It looks like it has a class size of 8. The Price is $65 for the class and $14 for the book. it would be sweet for us all to attend the same one. https://www.newviewtraining.com/services/#bls-health-providers.
  5. That’s awesome congratulations! Tell us a little about yourself!
  6. That's freaking awesome! I was thinking about doing that, but a few other opportunities came up. I worked as an Advance EMT and as a Center Medical Specialists at a plasma center. Our doctor came in about once a week but otherwise I ran most of the medical side there. I would have loved to be a Critical Care Tech. I originally had a job offering at CHI Bergan Mercy a few months ago when I moved to Omaha, but they didn't really care that I was an A-EMT and they were only going to have me practice as a basic. I have always wondered, is there a difference between and emergency room tech v
  7. That's awesome! Congrats! Isn't it the best feeling in the world! I can't wait for the program to start. Only 7 more months. So what did you do for your patient care hours?
  8. I am interviewing here as well!! Everyone I have talked to says that the interview isn't that intense/scary. They make it like a conversation. I am so excited. Have you had a chance to visit the campus yet?
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