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  1. Yeah I did my research on counties that have PA, and there are very little but I know the UK, Canada and The Netherlands all have them, thus my question. As for going to medical school, I have considered it but the big reason I am not opting for it is the better work/life balance of PAs (and also the stress of medical residencies)
  2. I have a good GPA so far. 3.85 almost 3.9. That said I havent gone BS upper classes yet but I think I should keep it high so I am less worried about that. I am also pretty socially adept as is, so again, not so much of a worry. I just want my application, when it happens, to look good so if possible I don't have to gap year! I currently do not have any HCE either, so that could be an issue with it being only Phlebotomy?
  3. The big reason I was considering Phlebotomy is the same reason you did it: Its much shorter to get certs then a lot of other things. Its also the reason I was considering EKG Tech as well. That said, after saying what I said earlier I did notice that all the MA certs around me take at least a year, so I may still just go with Phlebotomy and if I dont get in the first cycle do Exercise Physio during my gap year.
  4. Thanks! I think I will consider that over Phlebotomy, and I think I could prob find a low hour part-time position on MA while im in school.
  5. I am just curious if The Netherlands accepts US degrees. I am currently pre-PA and one of my dreams is to be able to use my job to travel, and I would absolutely love to go there as I know they are one of the few countries with the PA profession currently.
  6. Hello everyone! Long time lurker, but having a problem. I am currently finishing up my Associates and going to be working on my BS soon and I was looking for a low to medium stress PCE job to get hours while I go to school. So I thought Phlebotomy would be perfect as I could get the hours while doing my Bachelors and use it to volunteer at bloodbanks/red cross/etc.. However, lately I have been seeing that it is considered 'low quality' PCE and I want my application to be as good as possible. I am 29 years old, decided to finally go to school because I was tired of minimum wage and
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