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  1. 3rd times a charm for this girl! Beyond excited!
  2. 7 pacific time sounds good unless that’s too late for anyone farther East? My number is, two zero eight six nine nine seven nine two zero, if everyone sends me their name and email I can send out the Zoom invite!
  3. Evening works great for me too. I’m totally flexible with time so whatever y’all think.
  4. Hey Congrats! I’m happy to talk about and answer any questions I can during the zoom meet and greet since I have some experience with these interviews, but of course I’ve never done one over zoom so it might be a little different. I can’t remember how many people are in each group but I’d guesstimate about 30, and it was a very long day but enjoyable. They do group interviews with 2 interviewers and 3 applicants at a time. You have 3 of these throughout the day.
  5. I’m from Coeur d’ Alene and have been a scribe, patient care tech and now a medical assistant.
  6. Wanted to start a group for those invited to interview on 11/21 via Zoom. Almost embarrassed to say but this will be my 3rd year interviewing! Hoping 3rd times a charm. It’s been very helpful to meet fellow interviewees before the big day, so hoping we can set up a zoom meeting for us to all meet! I’d suggest doing it on 11/20 unless that doesn’t work for most. Very excited!
  7. Hey probably a trivial thing but for the 2x2 picture they require to be sent in, did y’all just take one up again a white wall and send it off or did you have to crop it or do anything special? Just invited to interview in November.
  8. received interview invite last night for Spokane on 11/21
  9. Twigs is great. Met there last year the night before the interview and it seemed to be an easy location. I'm from just outside of Spokane. See you all there!
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