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  1. Just got accepted off the waitlist!! So excited!
  2. I got an email from RFU that my app was complete 6/7 and still have not heard back. I am a re-applicant and last year I was under review 8/8 and did not receive my rejection until 12/6. So to those still waiting.... I hate to say it but it could be a long time before you hear much. And I'm in the same boat!
  3. Anyone who applied to the DE option want to elaborate on why you did so? I live within driving distance and am from a MUA, but was just wondering how you guys have strong connections with your community?
  4. I haven't yet... I was going to email Lori. I don't remember if they said if they give feedback or not so I was going to ask about that and just slip it in there that technically I'm still on the waitlist.
  5. AWtoPA


    Earlier this year I attended a PA school virtual fair in which multiple people said you want to be as descriptive as possible in your "experiences" tab on CASPA. I have worked several CNA jobs with different companies, but the job and work I did was basically the same. I'm looking for some advice... should I be redundant so I don't leave anything out in the work I did or should I try and pick out things that are more specific to each job? For example I worked in two nursing homes as a CNA and then as a traveling CNA with 2 agencies at the same time. Anyone able to give any feedback? I feel as
  6. Earlier this month I did a PA virtual fair, and there were representatives from CASPA. From what I understand, this year they are making specific area where you can outline how the COVID may have impacted your prep for this cycle. Because you need to realize that so many other people are in the same boat, if it has to do with volunteering, shadowing, even PCE. I believe that many schools will take this into consideration, and some schools have addressed this on their PA program websites also. For specific schools I would recommend you reaching out to them directly.
  7. Not me personally but I know a girl you got accepted off the waitlist 3/26!
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm really debating on whether I should apply this cycle, or wait another year. I applied to 7 schools, an alternate for one school, waitlist for interviews for 3, and denied the rest. I know now that I should've applied sooner, and I would fix that this time. My number 1 choice school also just announced that they are not taking a class this cycle as they are shortening their program length. My stats are: cGPA 3.63 sGPA: 3.49 GRE: 301 writing: 4.0 (VERY average) But I have 4,600 hours of PCE as a CNA. I recently just started working for a medical college
  9. Yes, I live in Milwaukee also, and so I am also in love with the city so I believe Marquette is the right choice for me. I just wish I could apply this year to get started into the program quicker
  10. I will most likely apply there in 2021 for a 2022 start date (if I decide to take another year off). But you're welcome! Was interesting to see when I was back on their page.
  11. Hi! I also loved my interview experience at Marquette. I was recently looking at their website again and they are transitioning to a shorter program from the 33 month to a 28 month program. That being said they are not accepting students into a program for the 2020-2021 cycle.. a big disappointment to me because I was excited to try and get into their program again.
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