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  1. Looking for help brainstorming thoughtful questions in order to get application feedback - besides "how can I make my application stronger?". There is always room for improvement, just looking for the right questions to ask.
  2. Got the email today, waitlisted but in the top 5 alternates. They had said during the interview week they have taken 2-3 off the waitlist in the past two years, more in years prior. UF is my top choice so I’m willing to wait it out. Congrats to everyone who applied this cycle. No matter the outcome, we put in some serious time and energy and ought to be proud!
  3. Got the call for an interview! Looking forward to the opportunity to meet students and faculty. Any advice from those of y’all who already went?
  4. Just got my secondary review email today. Really hope it’s not too late! But I think if they were no longer offering invites to interview, they wouldn’t waste their time with reviewing additional people. Fingers crossed I hear something in the next week or so
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