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  1. Received an interview offer but I was already accepted into CDU and accepted the offer. Going to decline and give someone else the shot. Best of luck to all!
  2. They sent out instructions for the incoming class (background check info, equipment reqs, etc.). We have five days to set up an account and then until June to actually do the tests.
  3. Congrats! Have you sent your intent to matriculate letter? If so I'll see you there
  4. They will continue to do interviews, past the deadline, into January.
  5. The meet and greet was completely casual. Wear normal clothes. You will be meeting with current students, and not staff. I am very very glad I went because the student I talked to really put me at ease and answered all of my questions.
  6. I was accepted today. I interviewed October 18. I cant begin to explain my feelings. I am speechless. My stats: Im from Los Angeles I hold an art degree with multiple music publishings About 2,000 hrs PCE as a Medical Assistant and an EMT Shadowed a DO, PA, and MD Three letters of rec: 2 from professors, one from DO i worked for I hope this helps the next wave of PA candidates. I am a non-traditional student, but I fell in love with PA and focused half of my 20s on making sure I had everything I needed to be a prospect. Good luck to you all!
  7. Got an email today from CDU admissions and nearly had a heart attack. Turns out it was just for the open house in January.
  8. No worries. It was good overall. Of course everybody had nerves going in, but they did a good job of making us feel relaxed and it was nice to talk to everybody. Every person at the day of the interview was highly qualified and would have made a great PA student.
  9. Reason is that they tell us before the interview not to disclose anything plus we have to sign an NDA. Nobody wants to lose their shot at getting accepted or worse, having an acceptance rescinded.
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