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  1. I just searched and no, it does not show up- so I'm in the clear?
  2. Can new employers find out where you worked? Since I have been here for such a short time, I planned on leaving this job off my resume and apply as a grad fresh out of school (its been 3.5 months since graduation), and I would like to avoid the whole topic if they will not find out? Or does it show up under my license?
  3. Hi all, I need some professional advice and wisdom. I started my first job, and the doctor I work for is trying to change who I am and brainwash me. After the first or second week working, he told me my hair was "potent" and told me I needed to use unscented shampoo. Okay fine no problem, I did that. The next week, he said he could still smell me then proceeded to approach me within 1 inch and literally sniff my head since he didn't believe me when I told him I changed shampoos. Then he told me it's my clothes too, I need to go buy fragrance free detergent. Wtf. He will explain an extremely simple concept, and then say "does that make sense?"...why wouldn't it make sense...he has no faith in my mental capacity. According to him, I am not allowed to use the word "drastic" as this has a negative connotation, and instead I should use the word "dramatic" as this is much better. He wants me to use psychology on patients to influence them to be "regulars" at our practice, with emotional way of speaking, echoing, etc. He literally told me he wants me to use psychology on them. Also, I wore business professional (conservative colors too) the entire time but he sat me down one day after the second week and told me I must not wear black pants as patients will find me untrustworthy. I have to wear navy pants and a white top. But black shoes are required (rolls eyes). Now, according to him, patients will take me seriously. He told me I have to speak to the nurses in a way that gives them commands, because "they are here to obey our orders"...the nurses do what I ask of them even when I ask politely. I am new, I am not going to boss around the nurses. I also get paid the same rate as a nurse, come to find out, in the state I live in so I feel jipped. I pay $200/month for health insurance, and it does not even include dental. I get 2 weeks off per month, and I had to negotiate that. I haven't been here but a couple months but I want to leave desperately, and the field I'm in is very specialized. He told me what we do is sales, and I have to treat certain patients better than others depending on the money they bring in the practice. I felt sick to my stomach, I can't be a part of this.
  4. Thank you all for your input!! I agree with everyone too, ideally I want to build my foundation in internal med/primary care. I actually really would love to become a hospitalist. I love internal med. But the only people interested in even contacting me so far have all been specialist roles (ortho and this one). Sigh. The last thing I want is to wait for the perfect job as a new grad and go months and months without a job - much like the cohort above me have been going through... so I may just take it if it's a good offer.
  5. Hi all, I was wondering what your thoughts are on working in Allergy and Immunology straight out of school? I have been offered a job interview in a location I would absolutely love to live in, but I am concerned that I would be pigeon-holing myself as a new grad going into such a niche specialty if I were to be offered this job (I realize this is thinking way ahead considering I haven't even interviewed). My main question is- is it boring to work in this specialty? I don't mean to be offensive, but it seems like you see the same handful of things and I was wondering if it becomes mundane? I'd like to add that I am 2.5 months out from graduating, so it would also be a miracle to have a job lined up by graduation. Thanks in advance!
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