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  1. Girl, I am feeling the same way! They went out later in the day last time and I have packed my day with volunteer tasks so I don't keep refreshing my email! Its 86 here and I'm going out to build a fence for 3 dogs who live exclusively on chains outside, send no-sunburn vibes my way! Good luck today everyone!!!
  2. Yes! The email states your rank out of 22.
  3. Congrats!!! I am admittedly not too confident in the waitlist, but I am hopeful for the next interviews!!! Hope to see you at an interview!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!
  4. Oops! Just got a second email, a waitlist for this interview!
  5. Got the same email! I know my app was just sent to the committee 2 days ago, so hoping it has to do with submission date?! Fingers crossed for the next date! Good luck all!
  6. That is awesome! I have wondered who exactly interviews-- whether it is outside PAs/healthcare workers or just faculty!
  7. Hey girl thats awesome though!!! Good luck!!!
  8. Any students willing to share info about BW's program?
  9. Any students willing to share info about BW's program?
  10. Awesome on the early submission, good luck! Are you applying anywhere else?
  11. I read that they basically just offer a quick, low pressure phone call to review your application with you. Haven't seen any other schools do this so it might be pretty nice!
  12. It is definitely small. I had a couple of friends who did their undergrad at GF and it was always fun to visit. They have little farmers markets and cute coffee shops and a beautiful campus. To be honest though, if I got into this program, I would likely choose to live in Tualatin or Sherwood.
  13. I'm from Portland!! Living closer to Eugene right now though! So many Oregonians, I love it!!
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