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  1. Any students willing to share info about BW's program?
  2. Any students willing to share info about BW's program?
  3. Awesome on the early submission, good luck! Are you applying anywhere else?
  4. I read that they basically just offer a quick, low pressure phone call to review your application with you. Haven't seen any other schools do this so it might be pretty nice!
  5. It is definitely small. I had a couple of friends who did their undergrad at GF and it was always fun to visit. They have little farmers markets and cute coffee shops and a beautiful campus. To be honest though, if I got into this program, I would likely choose to live in Tualatin or Sherwood.
  6. I'm from Portland!! Living closer to Eugene right now though! So many Oregonians, I love it!!
  7. Hi everyone! Getting close to finishing my supplemental Baylor questions on CASPA. Who all is applying here this cycle? Good luck!
  8. Starting this thread for the new cycle! Who is applying to the Nashville campus? I am submitting my CASPA a month from today!
  9. Hi all, Figured I would go ahead and start this thread! I am submitting my CASPA exactly a month from today! Very excited!
  10. Wow-- this sounds super cool, especially the riddles/building. Gotta work on getting the "ums" out of my vocabulary before any interviews! (-:
  11. I'm applying! I am really excited about this program and its close to home, so could be pretty awesome. My only hesitation with this program came from the religious affiliation, but Cristina said that the curriculum is science based, so that made me much more confident! Overall it looks like a great program!
  12. Hi guys! I am from Portland, OR! I lived in Cleveland for 3 months and my partner has a job in Cleveland whenever she wants to accept it, so I decided to apply to an Ohio program and fell in love with BW! Are you guys first time applicants?
  13. Casper was straightforward, I agree with everyone. So weird that we won't ever receive our score, though! I am super jealous that you all get to submit, I still have to wait another month for Spring term to end and to send updated transcripts, etc. That being said, with everything that is going on, I have also found myself being a lot more patient, and, if I don't get in this cycle, I will just better myself for next year! Hard for me to get to that kind of thinking because I am HUGE on planning, but I'm putting less pressure on myself and a timeline to actually get into PA school. Good luck all! Looking forward to getting to follow your journeys on this forum over the next several months! Just think.... some of the people in here will be accepted to this program in just a few months!! Crazy!
  14. https://www.physicianassistantforum.com/topic/138-online-classes-add-to-the-list/
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