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  1. Yes, same.. I.e, if you got WL 50 on the email, it means you are the 50th, and 49 people have to drop off of the waitlist for you to be the top spot to get into the class!
  2. Omg. Beyond nervous! Just want to get the email and get it over with
  3. Waitlist rankings go out Friday!! Anyone else like 50% freaking out/50% so pumped?! I’ve had to limit my PA Forum use so as to not let myself stress too much, but!!!! This week we have actual numbers!!!! Exciting!!!
  4. Also received an interview invite this AM, only available spots are currently for the January date.
  5. As of the interview on August 29th, Cristina said 17 seat deposits had been paid and she was expecting one more. By now, after two interview days I would assume the class is full. I am hoping at least a few people are using GFU as a backup and will eventually give up their seats, but either way, being on the waitlist is a compliment! The jump from 26 seats to 20 definitely made the stakes quite a bit higher for this program! A bit of a bummer, because I adore this program, but things always work out the way they’re meant to, and there’s always next year!
  6. Just got email confirmation that I am still on the waitlist post interview. They will be turning the waitlist pool into an actual numerical list and notify us by Oct 30th! Aka playing the waiting game for a few more weeks, but nice to have a solid date! Good luck to all!!
  7. Cristina had an urgent matter yesterday, decisions should be out shortly! Aka......time to panic and refresh email every 2 minutes.....
  8. Very true! Newberg hasn’t been hit other than by the air quality and smoke, though the faculty could live elsewhere! It’s crazy out here — we were staying with my partner’s family when it happened and had to evacuate their property near Estacada, hoping it is still standing. Was pitch black at noon and raining ash. This year has certainly been a rough one!
  9. Most communication I have gotten from them has been after 4pm, with Cristina emailing as late as 9pm some days! Might be overly optimistic though the weekend wait would be a killer!
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