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  1. I’m not sure weather to wait or not. How did it go for you?
  2. Any insight on some typical strategies to prepare for interviews, such as for UDM? Thanks!
  3. Hello & Thank you! Would you be able to share your stats and experiences leading up to your interview? How did you prepare for a successful interview and what kind of structure did UDM have at their interviews? I just had one interview during my second cycle and no acceptance so just planning how to prepare for next cycle and do better next time. Thanks in advance!
  4. Same... I called and asked for an update and then a few minutes later boom. It just stinks because I felt like my interview went really well so I want to know how to improve for next time. We were SO CLOSE. Any thoughts?
  5. Congrats to all of those accepted! I am still waiting to hear back, however... I just was hoping if those accepted would be able to share any interview tips or strategies they feel aided them to acceptance. Thanks!
  6. Same here. I hope this means there are still some acceptances to go out!
  7. thanks! I wonder if they will be making rounds of calls or if that was the only one.
  8. Hi! Congrats. Can you share your interview experience? Mine is on November 12th!
  9. May I ask how everyone else is moving forward with this cycle now that the second try to get an interview has failed?
  10. This happened to me too, and many others I see. So what’s in store for us next? Do we just wait until next cycle? I think the way they set this up is very unjust. Is there any other schools that set up interviews this way? I’m just pretty upset and now just need to figure out how to move forward
  11. I also had a similar low score. I am having a very hard time trying to find ways of improving in a short amount of time. Did you use the Magoosh app? Any other tips for better studying?
  12. Any tips for upcoming 2019/2020 interviewers and anything we should be looking out for or common/uncommon questions they asked? Interview structure and any resources that helped you be prepared and confident? Just any advice overall on how to have a successful interview for acceptance into MCPHS Boston!!! Thank you!!!
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