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  1. I accepted my offer and paid my seat deposit a few days ago! Anyone know how long it takes to show that you've completed the deposit in the checklist on the student portal?
  2. I interviewed on the 2nd and had a good experience. I had 3 interviews with 3 different people. Each interview was pretty casual and more of a conversation than rapid fire questions! Love the program. I got an email yesterday offering a seat and have 2 weeks to accept or decline the offer. They said they will send out acceptance offers after each round of interviews.
  3. I'm planning on trying to visit in the next few weeks to check out Memphis and find a place to live!
  4. Just got my acceptance call! I would assume they'll wait until they're done with calls to send out the emails.
  5. I submitted in late May and was verified June 11th.
  6. I got an interview invite! Waiting to find out my actual interview date.
  7. I got an email with an invitation to interview on October 2nd! Interviews will be done via Zoom.
  8. Got invited for an interview today! I was verified 6/11 I believe.
  9. Sure thing! GPA: 3.95 GRE: 315 3,000 hours as an ATC and scribe 4 LORs from Ortho surgeon, 2 PAs, and a college professor
  10. I got an interview invite. Sent through email with a link to schedule the interview.
  11. I got the supplemental notification on 06/22 and the due date was 07/06. I would assume the due date means you have through the end of that day to complete it!
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