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  1. Nothing as yet, I believe the e-mail I received some months ago said they would start Jan. 15th
  2. No communication from UT as well but keep our heads up..we never know what tomorrow may bring!
  3. I have not heard back either way as well; I reached out last week and was advised that applications are still under review and they conduct interviews into November. The information was very general
  4. Oh ok, I'm glad to see that someone who received that "under review email" was able to get in; I was starting to think otherwise of that email notification.
  5. Thank you for this information, just added it to my calendar!
  6. Wow that was fast!! I applied 8/6 haven't heard anything, just that my application was under review with a letter sent on 09/17. Congrats on your interview and good luck!
  7. I'm in the same boat have not had any communication as yet. Still trying to figure it out; I reached out to the school on Monday the 21st and was advised that by Wednesday majority will know if invited to an interview or not. So hopefully we will hear something soon. Congrats to all who have been invited thus far!
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