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  1. I just received an interview invite for January 25th!!
  2. I submitted the secondary app near the beginning of June, hopefully we hear something soon!
  3. Nothing yet... I looked back at last years forum, and the interview calls started to go out on the 16th of August, so if they follow a similar pattern, it should be sometime next week!
  4. Personally, I defined it in my own words but thoroughly researched the meaning to obtain a better understanding. Hope this helps a bit
  5. LOVED the interview. By far the best, most welcoming interview I went to (I only had a few though). They give you every opportunity to show who you are as a person and as a student, I felt they genuinely wanted to get to know the applicants. It was a long day, including lunch, but I really enjoyed it. As much as you can enjoy an interview haha. As for the active applicant list. It is different than a traditional "waitlist" in that you can be put on the active applicant list when there are still spots available in the program. Every time they interview and new batch of applicants, they also review the active applicant list and start to pull people from it. They let you know your status on the list after interviews are over. I was in the top third went interviews ended. Hope this is helpful!
  6. Me! I was put on the active applicant list last year after interviewing!
  7. Hi! I had my headshot taken by a semi-professional photographer for $20. They did all the editing and found a professional backdrop which to me was worth the price. I do think you could get away with having a friend take it with a good camera. While you should look professional, the main purpose of the photo is for interviews. They give you stickers with your name and photo and stick them on your interview forms. Probably so they can put a name to face after the interview is over. Hope this is helpful
  8. Yes you can! I submitted last year with around 800 or so and got an interview!
  9. Submitted my application yesterday after my last LOR came in! Oh such relief! I'm a re-applicant this year and was hoping to get it in ASAP. Also to those wondering about the CASPer and if you need to take it before the supplemental app: you don't have to take it until December! I had an interview last year in November without having taken the CASPer yet and they were too worried about it. Good luck everyone!
  10. I'm currently on the active applicant list and debating on whether or not to call Elise and ask where I fall and if she could provide any feedback for the upcoming cycle. Has anyone contacted her lately? Does she offering feedback on applications? Just curious if anyone else is in the same predicament.
  11. I submitted my secondary app on September 9th, confirmed on the 10th!
  12. Mine was a waitlist for an opportunity to interview. Never got an email about it, but I went into the portal and it displayed it there.
  13. Last summer I toured both schools to get a feel for them. Jefferson (now Radford) was so accommodating and helpful while Shenandoah gave me a different vibe. The gal that I toured with at Shenandoah didn't seem like she wanted to be there and we walked down a hallway and she was like "well, this is it." Not a good first impression in my book. Needless to say Radford excelled with its program while shenandoah fell flat. This was just the feeling I had, and maybe they've improved since then. Just thought I'd share my two cents.
  14. Congrats to everyone getting interviews and acceptances! I have an interview on Nov 8th and I'm so excited! Is there any advice anyone can give on preparation for it? I know that too much can't be given away but any little detail could help! Thanks so much!
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