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  1. Yes I am from Boston! How did you make your decision? I'm torn because I know I'll be a better student at MGH because I am a hands on visual learner who needs that close support group that the TBL will provide, but Quinnipiac has such amazing rotations and connections and cadaver lab!
  2. Hello! I've recently been accepted off the waitlist at MGH and Quinnipiac on the same day! I would love some input on the difficulty of the didactic year at Quinnipiac!? I'm seriously considering MGH because they have a reverse classroom style of learning and team based learning so there are a lot checks and balances making sure you dont get behind on the work. I know my faults as a student and I am worried about the difficulty at QU during the didactic year. Any insight you could give me would be great!? Is the coursework manageable? is it common for sutdents to fail out? how much of a community is there to work together and help each other stay on track? Thanks!
  3. I got the email about updates but my application status still reads “application complete”. Anyone else dealing with this?
  4. Hi! does anyone know how many more interview days they will be conducting?
  5. I got offered an interview off the waitlist a day before the Nov 20th interview date.
  6. Hahaha yeah, except its not fabulous graphics that are on the line... Its our FUTURE. smh.
  7. The EXACT same thing happened to me twice! 10am on the dot (I was refreshing the page for 20min leading up to 10am). This process is lazy, and backwards, and honestly just downright cruel. Either give us an interview, or waitlist us, or decline us. None of this false hope bull****.
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