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  1. Got accepted off waitlist today! Answered the unknown call half asleep at 7:45am loll stay on your toes!
  2. Just received an acceptance from 12/3 interview with a scholarship!! (I'm in state, didn't even know that was a thing??)
  3. I interview tomorrow and received the itinerary at 6pm yesterday. Maybe reach out if you still didn’t get it!
  4. For those who accepted their interview invitations, did you get a response after accepting with your DL and headshot?
  5. Does anyone know if all interviews invites have been sent out? or how many dates they have total?
  6. Has anyone who received the “your app was sent to faculty to be reviewed” around 8/25 heard back yet? Rejection or Interview
  7. I haven’t yet! But during my pre-req check she told me I’d get it Thursday!
  8. I’m interviewing 9/25, but I think everyone does it because I had no pre reqs pending. She just called me to assure me I was good to go! She’s super nice and the call was only a few minutes long.
  9. I’m in the same boat! I submitted my supplemental 6/12 and haven’t heard anything. I’m not sure whether or not to reach out, they technically said 8 weeks but I don’t want to be annoying haha!
  10. Ok me neither! I applied early June, and I don’t know to reach out or not.
  11. Has anyone else applied over 8 weeks ago and not heard anything back yet?
  12. For the people who have received interviews, have you received any additional information besides the original sign-up interview email? I have mine on August 28th, and I’m not sure if I should reach out or not. Just really wanted to know the duration, like is it an hour or like the whole day
  13. Do you mind saying when you submitted your application? It's been about 6 weeks for me, and I haven't heard anything yet
  14. Did you email them to check on it or did you just wait it out?
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