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  1. I did too! The voicemail said it would be sometime between Jan 4th - 7th
  2. Mid-June but I re-took a pre requisite that was in progress at the time. They received the transcript for the completion of that class in mid July. I believe they waited to review it until they received that grade but who knows! I am just grateful
  3. Just received an interview invite for Nov. 14th!!! Beyond excited!!
  4. I emailed Debbie Shell yesterday about interview dates. OU OKC will start interviews Jan 4 and OU Tulsa will start Jan 5th. She did not say when they will send out invites but based on last years forum, it was late Nov before they starting sending invites.
  5. Anyone else receiving generic emails from Baylor College of Medicine after app was complete? Todays was regarding Houston cost of living etc. Just curious if everyone is getting them
  6. Not yet and mine is complete (as far as I know). Completed suppl. app and paid fee on 6/19.
  7. Mine were sent on the 13th day after I took the test.
  8. Developing program! Anyone else applying? Applied 6/1
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