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  1. well said Mands, I thought I was the only one who realized that person created an account just to put comment against you that same day you posted your comment, but you also realized it. People should know better and indulge themselves on issues that directly concern them. wish all the best on this PA application walk.
  2. the very reason I felt and avoided from applying to that school, they try to sound appealing esp. on the phone but.............just opposite.
  3. Depending on where you take it, genetics could be as simple as biochemistry but also as hard as evolution biology, it matters where and with whom you take it, and the truth about the subject is much more than just memorizing certain genes and trait types.
  4. hey cool it down ok, its a forum and I will post what I feel about issue's I faced with a school , u have problem with my post then don't read it! looks like also u also don't read right I asked about the school in may fyi, no where it shows u I applied to it. Don't over talk!
  5. if it was a flat accept I would too be flattered, but calling me and telling me to apply with no positive end guarantee, is a harassment!
  6. This yale seems to be an annoying school, I did not apply or call but they kept on bothering me sending me email, inviting me to forum, calling me for counseling. what the heck! I told her if you so interested in me why don't you just accept me without me applying.
  7. there are 140000 PA's? surely this field is saturated already.
  8. ok thank's they so annoying they are not in office too so probably it'll come up, been trying it for an hour now.
  9. can't access caspa is it down or its my computer?
  10. they have time limit on courses which is not stated on there web but applies
  11. Any new pa prog's opened across the nation? Faulkner is a waste.
  12. that's exactly what I meant when I post that question.
  13. well, the statistic actually work's against the applicant, its like marginal probability I know personally a resident who applied to 40 schools in one application and got rejection from all with good gpa's and activities. so, number is not the answer to getting acceptance, its just we need to figure out what actually work's.
  14. how does more school guarantee increased chances of acceptance??
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