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  1. They might’ve gotten an influx in applications towards the deadline so maybe it is taking longer but it seems to happen between a day or two
  2. Submitted my application today and then received a confirmation email/thank you for applying from CSUMB about 10 mins later. Btw I did not realize that if you have previously submitted an application and you decide to add experiences, you cannot go back and edit the new experience section after saving and exiting
  3. When you've been waitlisted and get an email from "Betty Irene School of Nursing" but it's a marketing email inviting you to explore the PA program
  4. I got an email confirmation this morning replying to the email I sent.
  5. I got waistlisted. Kinda figured I would but hey still not a rejection right? Congrats to everyone that got an acceptance!
  6. We made it do December everyone! Also I really appreciate everyone being so positive and encouraging and I think is a good reflection on how and who UCD is choosing their candidates Now we wait about two weeks or so... Im curious if anyone that submitted their supplemental early, if transcripts have been uploaded? Trying to gage about how long it will take for the red x's to disappear.
  7. I got the same email too. Im pretty sure we are now being grouped with everyone else that submitted after the priority deadline for a chance to interview.
  8. Im sure anyone who received those personal emails are amazing applicants but I kinda which they didn’t do that because it is making me feel like what’s the point of turning it in my secondary when it doesn’t seem like they are interested in me
  9. Interesting, sounds like you really made an impresssion! I haven’t submitted my secondary yet but seems like they are hinting that you will get an offer. Maybe for you to keep in mind in case you get other offers from different schools? I’ve haven’t heard of anyone getting a personal email from past years
  10. I think they traditionally interview 200-250 applicants and most receive the supplemental. The incoming class is going to be 65 students so take that as you will.
  11. Hello everyone! If anyone interviewing 10/27 is interested in meeting virtually on 10/20 at 5:00pm PST please DM me. A group of us already have a zoom meeting set for that day and time.
  12. Looks like they are sending invites as people decline. Got an invite around 12:00. Interviewing on 10/27. I was feeling so down on myself so this is a relief. Just search “the Pre-Pa podcast” by Savannah Perry. It was from a couple weeks ago
  13. Yes I agree with above and it is a good discussion to have. UC Davis health is world renowned so congrats to everyone that got an invite! Maybe that plays a part in the tuition, idk. I didn't get an invite so it is easier for me to be a little more critical but what really drew me to the program was their commitment to diversity and providing care to underserved communities, and as a minority myself I felt their mission statement really aligned with mine. But the tuition is something that can't be ignored. Cost is the biggest barrier for minorities seeking educational attainment so it is unfo
  14. Are you sure they didn’t mean BY November like another poster mentioned?? That’s just seems way too late and looking at the timeline they have on their website, interviews should happen in October and November, and then decision by December. If interviews are being sent out until November then we possibly won’t hear back about decisions until the the new year....
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