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  1. Looks like their application portal is back up! I just got an email with my username and password and instructions to pay the application fee.
  2. Has anyone that has submitted in the last few week actually received the supplemental link email? I haven’t and I am wondering if I should email them or just wait it out since it seems like they are still having issues.
  3. Submitted my application today! I wanted to make priority deadline so now it seems like I just need to wait for the supplemental fee email. Hopefully I get that before sept 1st. I've been browsing their social media and its seems like the program is very involved with the students which is amazing. *Crossing my fingers*
  4. @a1b2c3 Definitely seems very early to already be rejected so I am thinking more likely your app got filtered out for not meeting a certain requirement? Which I guess could be the hs zip code...Either way I am very sorry to hear but it is still early! Good luck with the rest of your apps!
  5. If this year they go by the same timeline as the past couple of years, then we won’t start hearing back until the end of September or early October
  6. I was just listening to 'The Pre-PA podcast' where current UC Davis students were interviewed and one mentioned that next year there is a plan to completely separate PAs and NPs so I wonder if that means they will accept more pa students?? Btw listening to their experiences with the programs really validates my decision to apply here. It sounds like an amazing program that really cares for their students. But it is making me more anxious at the fact we still have a long time until we hear back!
  7. For those of you wondering about preferences...I was just reading through the FAQs again and they state they do NOT give preference to UC Davis Alumni or CA residents. Every application is reviewed equally.
  8. Maybe I’m reading too much into it... but basically it has to be related to healthcare then? like I have a lot experience teaching/tutoring underserved communities but that’s not what this prompt is for?
  9. Hello again! I am working on the supplemental and got a little confused about this part: "Family Practice/Primary Care Personal Statement: Please fill in this section only if you have prior family medicine, primary care, rural, or underserved experience." Is the rural or undeserved part in relation to medicine only or can it be any experience??
  10. Thank you for going back and answering my question! Did you think they were correct in choosing Tacoma as a better fit you?
  11. Just submitted my application tonight but I just realized I put the wrong zip code for my high school in the program specific questions . Arghh I am just so used to typing my current zip code and it is similar to my hs zip code, idk why I didn't double check. Update: CASPA told me to contact the school so I just emailed them the correct info
  12. Yep, I got the email today. It’s 7/16 right after their deadline.
  13. Finally submitted today! Now waiting to be verified but it’s been a whirlwind of emotions finishing my application. Good luck everyone!
  14. Ok good to know! Now I just need the courage to hit submit lol
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