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  1. Those of you who are accepted join our facebook page "MEDEX Spokane Class 25"
  2. Yay Jeremy! I was so rooting for you!! Doesn’t it feel so good after the heart ache last year? Can’t wait to be classmates
  3. I was accepted as well! If some of you are still waiting to hear don’t lose hope. I believe they are still making the calls.
  4. It was so nice to meet you, Nikki! You did a great job at the interview. Best of luck to you!!
  5. It was nice meeting you Matt. You did a great job hopefully we will get to be classmates here soon. Best of luck to you!
  6. Do your best to make sure you have a strong internet connection. I actually interviewed at the hospital I'm employed at in my supervisor's office because the internet is way stronger than at my house. My other advice would be just be your self and be engaged. Five of us met up on zoom the night before for an informal meet and greet. I would suggest trying to do that too. That way there are some familiar faces come interview day. Best of luck to you!!
  7. I got all of your messages! I am adding you all to my contacts now. I'll start a zoom meeting at 4:30 PT (5:30 MT) see you all in about forty minutes
  8. Team, we are getting down to the wire! 2 more days until show time! Could everyone who wants to attend the zoom meeting tomorrow message me your phone numbers and I will send out invites to join the meeting. Looking forward to it
  9. Hello everyone! Should we say 4:30 PT for a zoom meeting on Friday? I live in the mountain time zone so it would be 5:30 pm MT. Again, I’m free all day so if anyone would like to meet before or after please let me know. Looking forward to meeting everyone. And congrats again on your invite to interview! Jenn
  10. Hello everyone, What time works for everyone for a Friday zoom? I am free all day
  11. Hi Madisen! Looking forward to meeting you! Congratulations on the invite to interview
  12. Hi there, When I interviewed last year (Spokane 10/19/19) the students who were accepted knew within a week after the interview. I unfortunately was not offered a spot. I believe I was officially notified of my rejection early December. I am not entirely sure how MEDEX's wait list works but I do believe students are notified if they are wait listed. Hope this helps!
  13. I second all of this! I feel that I too was caught up in the stress and left my interview feeling like I wish I had spoke more about specific things I wanted to share with all of the interviewers. I think writing down at least 3 (maybe more like 5) things you want the interviewers to know about you (greatest hits) is a great idea! Congratulations on your acceptance! Best of luck to you!
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