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  1. Just got offered an interview for November 9th today!
  2. I believe I asked this question and they said they had the same/very similar resources at both campuses. (Which includes the anatomage tables.)
  3. Hey! I think i was the only Zack.. haha hope our whole group gets in! would not mind it one bit.
  4. They sounded pretty optimistic about clinical sites. They even said they pay for housing if the clinical sites are over a certain distance away (50 miles i think). I think it was definitely something they are trying to work on more. Which makes sense being a new school and all. I wouldn't let it detour you from this school.
  5. Got an interview invite today also! Scheduled September 29th.
  6. No, I do not think it matters. As long as they have accreditation. The provisional status still means you will get a degree like any other school.
  7. For everyone who has been accepted. Besides paying the deposits is there anything else we are supposed to do? ( I also do not have any unfinished coursework) Is it good to email back? Or is there a group for accepted students? I am not 100% positive I will be attending the school yet.
  8. 1-3? I got mine in about a week and a half. Some I think took longer.
  9. Does anyone know if the separate campuses collaborate together at all? Or are they going to be basically completely separate schools.
  10. This early there is still plenty of chances, a lot of students like myself have other schools to still hear back from and may give up their spots. Dont stress too much. No rejection means they obviously still are thinking about you.
  11. Just got accepted so pumped right now! Interviewed the 18th! Delaware campus btw!
  12. Traditional. More so conversational. Expect the basic questions, leaned more towards personality. Quick 15-25 mins
  13. All the nerves for nothing. First ever interview in the books today. Although I still would prepare for this school's interview, it was really fun actually. Just like you were talking nonchalantly. I think this was a perfect interview for my first one.
  14. Just got an interview invite today scheduled for Tuesday!
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